Dear health-savvy reader:

Without a doubt, it’s...

“Yikes! Giving up sweets!?!”

This is what de-rails most people who are trying to stick to a low-carb diet.

“Bye-bye, diet!”

“Farewell, good intentions.”

“Adios, stable blood sugar.”

But it needn’t be "all or nothing!"

SLIMTEVIA tastes exactly like SUGAR!

And I mean “exactly” -- only THREE TIMES SWEETER.

You’re going to be AMAZED by the similarity.

In fact, I’ll GUARANTEE it! Here’s my personal promise to you...

Put SLIMTEVIA to my “I can’t believe it’s not sugar” taste test:

  1. Place a small piece of tape on the underneath the bottom of identical teacups and label one “TS” for table sugar and the other “S” for SLIMTEVIA.
  2. Pour a little table sugar in the teacup labeled “TS” and SLIMTEVIA in the one marked “S”. Then arrange them side by side.
  3. Shuffle the cups until you don’t remember which is which.
  4. Dip your finger in the first cup and sample a small taste, rolling it around in your mouth for a few seconds. Then repeat, by sampling the contents of the second cup.
  5. Decide which sample is the table sugar -- and which one is the SLIMTEVIA.
  6. Peek at the bottom of each cup. Were you correct?

You won’t pay a penny
if SLIMTEVIA fails this test!

I’ll immediately refund your credit card for the full price.

You won’t risk a cent.

You won’t pay a penny to try SLIMTEVIA -- so there’s absolutely NO RISK to you!

If you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll refund every penny you paid.

I’ll also send you a FREE GIFT
-- yours to keep even if you
return the SLIMTEVIA!

This is an utterly RISK-FREE invitation!

Here’s the REAL secret of
permanent weight loss
and blood sugar control...


Most people either go “cold turkey” by avoiding all sweets and carbs...

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    If you’ve tried either (or both) of these approaches, you know they DON’T work. And ...

    There’s a good reason
    for this: Your genes.

    Our genetic sweet tooth helped us survive back when high-calorie, sweet foods were rare treats.

    But today we’re completely surrounded by sweetened foods, beverages, snacks, and candy

    ... and our sweet cravings
    are literally killing us!

    Now, normally glucose is a good thing. It’s the fuel your muscles use for energy.

    How sugar becomes belly fat:

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    But here’s a fact
    very few people realize...

    What keeps insulin hanging around? I’ll tell you...

    And what you crave most is SUGAR!

    Guess what happens next?

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    This is exactly how insulin makes us overweight...

    Before you know it, you’ve got serious health problems because...

    SLIMTEVIA helps you
    break this vicious cycle!

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    So, when it’s part of a healthy, low-carb diet, SLIMTEVIA produces three wonderful effects...

    1. SLIMTEVIA helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels -- which can really improve your health.
    2. SLIMTEVIA satisfies your natural desire for a little “something sweet” without spiking your blood sugar and insulin.
    3. Since SLIMTEVIA doesn’t trigger insulin, your stored fat is free to exit your fat cells, so it can be burned off as energy. This way...

    Your body begins to feed
    on its own fat reserves!

    Let’s face it: Belly fat is, well ... ugly -- and also extremely unhealthy.

    So how would you look (and feel about yourself)...

    If your pot belly was gone?

    If your muffin top disappeared?

    If, instead of a mound of flab hanging over your belt, you had a flat, trim waistline?

    No doubt about it:
    You’d feel GREAT!

    That’s what SLIMTEVIA can help you achieve. Here’s how...

    No insulin means your stored belly fat can be burned off as energy.

    In scientific shorthand...

    How SLIMTEVIA may help
    with your weight loss goals

    Here’s the story...

    Now, stevia isn’t just sweet -- it’s super sweet.

    How sweet? In its natural state, the stevia leaf is 45 TIMES AS SWEET as table sugar (sucrose).

    Yet, unlike cane sugar, stevia contains ZERO calories -- making it ideal for weight loss.

    Stevia is so perfect that Big Sugar
    had it banned in the US!

    There’s just one problem with stevia...

    It has a bitter aftertaste.

    I’m not kidding.

    And every product we sampled -- without fail -- had the same problem...

    A horribly bitter aftertaste.

    The aftertaste that won’t go away

    No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get rid of it.

    The sneaky reason for its bitterness...

    S. rebaudiana foliage

    The other compound, stevioside, while also sweet, is the most bitter.

    The answer is money

    Besides, they figure the average consumer cares more about price than taste.

    Boy, do they have it WRONG!

    I sure care about stevia’s bitter aftertaste.

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  • But after sampling the result, I wasn’t satisfied...

    There was still a noticeable hint of bitterness. Not good enough.

    Then one of their chemists hit
    on an ingenious idea...


    The fructose COMPLETELY ELIMINATED stevia’s bitterness.

    I was delighted!

    And so I immediately gave the order to begin producing SLIMTEVIA.

    “But isn’t fructose the ‘bad’ sweetener
    we’re hearing so much about?”

    Not at all.

    Fructose: A sweet surprise

    Here are some surprising health facts about fructose you may not know...

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  • Why SLIMTEVIA is the best
    low-cal, low-GI, “blood sugar safe”
    and healthful sweetener ever created...

    Hooray! Now there’s SLIMTEVIA -- so now you can...

    3 more ingredients that make SLIMTEVIA
    the most healthful sweetener on earth...

    SLIMTEVIA contains four additional ingredients that boost its healthfulness, including...

    OK, so you know it’s delicious
    ... and you know it’s good for you

    ... so what about the PRICE?!?

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    I’m happy to say: It doesn’t.

    A 9.8 oz. bottle of Truvia, the bestselling all-stevia sweetener, sells for $6.99 to $10.29.

    This means Truvia can cost up to $1.02 per ounce. Ouch!

    Can’t those other stevia sweeteners be cheaper?

    They absolutely can -- and should -- be!

    Especially because they use the entire stevia plant, instead of just the sweetest part.

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    Those are the real reasons that stevia sweeteners are so outrageously expensive.

    But I wouldn’t use their sweetener
    if they gave it away for FREE!

    As I told you before, I can’t stand the bitter taste of stevia.

    “A lousy product at a cheap price is no bargain.”

    SLIMTEVIA, on the other hand, is...

    The perfect sweetener
    -- at the perfect price!

    What more could you want?

    It’s the only sweetener good enough to bear the Jim Healthy brand.

    And, remember: I’ll GUARANTEE your satisfaction with it...

    Try SLIMTEVIA for 30 days at my risk
    -- with my “I can’t believe it’s not sugar”
    full money back guarantee!

    I love SLIMTEVIA -- and so does everyone here at headquarters.

    But I want to know what you think.

    ... simply return the unused portion at my expense for a full and immediate refund.

    I’ll also pay for your return shipping.

    So you risk nothing!

    SLIMTEVIA isn’t available in stores (not yet).

    And I pass all these savings on to you.

    But please hurry!
    SLIMTEVIA is in limited supply

    My policy is to prepare SLIMTEVIA in small batches of only 500 one-pound bags at a time.

    Therefore, we can only accept 166 orders for the current batch.

    And I’m delighted to
    pass along these savings to you!

    SLIMTEVIA is a unique new sweetener.

    Now you don’t EVER have to feel guilty again about having a little something sweet!

    Give SLIMTEVIA a no-risk try now...

    You have nothing to risk or lose. And you know you can trust me when I say that.

    My mission in life is to keep you healthy and happy.

    You can count on me -- always.

    Stay healthy,

    About Jim Healthy &